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Physical (ship to Japan)/Digital Download

※注意※ 本キットはハンダ付けが一部必要となるDIYキットが含まれます。 組み立て済みの販売は行っておりませんのでご留意ください。

About shipping
Shipped from warehouse

These products are shipped from BOOTH warehouse as soon as payment is confirmed.

Shipped from home

These products are packed and shipped from the seller. "Ships within ~ days" are the estimated number of days from when payment is confirmed at BOOTH until the item is shipped.
Items shipped by Anshin-BOOTH-Pack will be delivered anonymously.

Download item

You will be able to download these products from "Purchase History" at any time after payment is confirmed.

Shipped from pixivFACTORY

These products are manufactured and shipped by pixivFACTORY as soon as payment is confirmed.

※注意※ 本キットはハンダ付けが一部必要となるDIYキットが含まれます。 組み立て済みの販売は行っておりませんのでご留意ください。